hockey is a lifestyle

Tate Philips conveys and guides players to understand these options: what ice is available and how to utilize in a game situation by understanding gaps, time and space, angles, opening lanes and seems and creating vision for players to feel confident with their puck skills, decision making, game knowledge and hockey IQ. Start getting ahead by training the right way.

Elite development

Thanks to Tate Philips, I learned many elements of the game.  He helped me be more creative and improve my puck skills. Tate ran great stick handling camps and I’m glad he trained me. — — — — —Cal O’Reilly, NHL Buffalo Sabres.  

Cal O'Reilly Tate Philips

toronto hockey training

about tate…

After playing overseas and being at the point of making decisions on life and the direction of my hockey career, I decided to get into coaching and took a job scouting at the Ontario Hockey League level.

I got my feet wet by coaching in the “AAA” loop for the first 5 years. I wasn’t winning every game or championship but my players and teams were getting better. 

I was able to coach in two OHL cups with teams I built from scratch, where we ranked in the top 20 teams in the North American ratings. 

I had great success with player development and great draft picks. Over the next 15 years I worked in many different aspects of the game: from contracting to coach Jr. and “AAA” hockey, doing development at the world stage, scouting consulting and mentoring all over the hockey world.

The thing that I always came back to was the love of developing  a player. Now I’m enjoying a full-time career in mentoring and developing the lifestyle of a player’s training skill set. The progress of the player’s performance is the most satisfying thing for me in the life of the great game of hockey. 

toronto hockey training