Pro hockey is a lifestyle

Professional hockey player development has evolved into a lifestyle top players need to live. It’s a lifestyle that focuses on the speed and skills that are crucial elements of the new generation game. More and more players use dynamic skills with the puck on their stick.

There are 5 basic skills needed to play this game: skating, body contact, stick handling, passing and shooting. It is well documented in many world-class athletic magazines and books written by professional coaches and mentors; it takes 10,000 hrs to be a master of any one skill.

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Pro Puck Control

In Pro Puck Control the focus will be mastery of 3 basic skills: stick handling, shooting, and passing.  Instruction and practice will include moving the puck in traffic, play making, protection of the puck, passing and receiving, shot release accuracy and speed, creating time, space and gap control. 

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Pro Skating Skills

Skating skills will include skating laterally with the puck, balancing, turning, agility, change of speed, edges and quick starts. This happens automatically when adapting and adjusting feet for puck protection, shooting, passing/receiving and changing speed to find open space and holes to create chances. 

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